New Officers of The Naples Roundtable, Inc

New Officers of The Naples Roundtable, Inc


The Naples Roundtable, Inc., is pleased to announce that Gary Hoffman has been appointed the new President of the Naples Roundtable, Inc. In addition, Andrew Baluch becomes the Vice-President and Teresa Summers becomes the Secretary/Treasurer. Hal Wegner will serve as President Emeritus and David Kappos will serve as Chair of the Naples Roundtable Advisory Board.

Gary stated that: “I want to thank Hal and Judge Linn for leading the creation of the Naples Patent Expert Roundtable and the development of the programs and organization. The two of them deserve tremendous credit and our gratitude for all of the efforts that they have put into the group.” Hal has been busy working on the publication of several books relating to patents; the first one has recently been released and two more are in the works.

Among its activities the Naples Patent Expert Roundtable provides an annual forum for  major thought leaders involved in patent litigation matters to discuss significant issues currently challenging the courts and profession.  The interchange of ideas and potential solutions helps the participant to develop a deeper understanding of ways to address these challenges.   The participants at the forum are there by invitation only.  The first annual conference was held in 2016 and the second in January 2017 had almost twice the number of participants.

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