Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships play a critical role in the work of The Naples RoundtableTM: “Exploring Ways to Strengthen and Improve the Patent System.”

Identification and Definition of Critical Cutting Edge Issues

We begin by focusing on issues of critical importance at the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit:  to identify the issues and define what they are. The goal is to focus the attention of the patent community on these issues, to stimulate debate and, hopefully, to see judicial resolution of these issues. But to succeed in accomplishing our goals, we need to share our vision in achieving practical results. And this will require the support of sponsors who share our goals of strengthening and improving the patent system. We have no agenda and are not proposing to make “resolutions” as to specific positions that should be taken: Beyond identification and definition of issues, we will endeavor to achieve balance and to provide both sides of the picture. If there is a strong majority view on a particular issue, we will both present that issue and a rebuttal argument from the opposing side.

How will we share our ideas with the patent community at large? In the first instance, we are developing the website of The Naples RoundtableTM to make this a “go to” point for folks involved with the judicial resolution of issues. Our website lists our “Phoenix Issues,” which form the basic items for debate at the next annual patent experts’ conference. In the second instance, we will be taking our vision to the national patent community by participating and hosting receptions and other events outside Naples.

Depending on resources available to us, we are also looking to expand our vision to consider Asian and European practices, and to see the role of the United States in the ever shrinking global patent village. We must consider how these issues relate to our role in the global patent system. Where we have a “best practices” model, how do we share that model around the world? Where there is a “best practice” unique to a particular overseas regime, should we propose integration of that practice into the American system?

Sponsorships, What They Will Mean

With a conservative model, we are at present focusing The Naples Roundtable TM on an annual domestic conference, and already see our way clear to annual conferences in January or February in Naples, Florida. Sponsorships will permit us to conduct events outside Florida. Sponsorships will also permit us to become more actively involved in the policy debates and potential amici filings in the courts.

Our Business Model

We have a very conservative business model that relies heavily on volunteer efforts, with neither an expensive bureaucracy nor commitment to a parent educational institution. Funding particularly at the $ 10,000 and $ 5,000 level will permit us to move more quickly to achieve our expanded vision of greater involvement in the public policy debates and to expand our global reach. Sponsorships at the higher level will be designated as Platinum Sponsors and will have the opportunity to participate in activities outside Florida. Sponsors at the lower level will be designated as Gold Sponsors. If interested, please fill out our Sponsorship Interest Form.

Information for Prospective Sponsors

Domestic wire transfers      The Naples Roundtable, Bank routing no. 02600959

International wire transfersThe Naples Roundtable, Swift code BOFAUS3N

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