Boards and Committees

Boards and Committees

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has the responsibility for shaping the long range direction of The Naples RoundtableTM as well as identifying topics worthy of consideration by the annual Patent Experts Conference.  Complementary to the Amicus Committee, the Advisory Board will examine issues presented for consideration to the United States Supreme Court, but remains independent of other activities of the Amicus Committee.

David J. Kappos, Chair of Advisory Board

Board Members

Robert A. Armitage

William P. Atkins

Andrew S. Baluch

Hon. Sharon R. Barner

Hon. Q. Todd Dickinson

Michael R. Dzwonczyk

Stanley E. Fisher

Hon. Faith S. Hochberg

Gary M. Hoffman

Prof. Timothy Holbrook

Hon. James F. Holderman

Hon. Roger T. Hughes

Otto Licks

Hon. John C. Lifland

Dr. Shoichi Okuyama

Richard L. Rainey

Hon. Teresa Stanek Rea

Prof. David L. Schwartz

Hon. Robert L. Stoll

Teresa Summers

Louis W. Tompros

Herbert C. Wamsley