The Naples Roundtable is pleased to announce the formation of the Leahy Institute of Advanced Patent Studies Conference, promoting the patent system as an “engine of innovation”.  The first annual event of the Leahy Institute was held at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club on February 17-20, 2018.

The Naples Roundtable conducts an annual winter conference, bringing together major thought leaders involved in patent law to identify issues in need of clarification and discuss challenges confronting the patent system.  The participants have been from law firms, corporations engaged in a range of technologies, academia and the judiciary from the United States and globally.  They have brought diverse points of views to the discussions and represent positions on both sides of the “V” (plaintiffs and defendants).

Going forward, these annual conferences will be hosted under the newly established Leahy Institute.

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.):

“I was pleased to learn about the efforts of The Naples Roundtable to bring together recognized experts to explore ways to strengthen and improve the patent system.  I hope that this Institute of Advanced Patent Studies will prompt discussion of ways to strengthen and improve the patent system from all perspectives and political parties.  I look forward to reviewing recommendations from the Roundtable on how to maintain the vital role of our patent system as an engine of innovation, as I hope all policymakers will do.”

The Naples Roundtable will continue in its tradition of selecting the people to participate in these conferences so that we maintain both the diversity of viewpoints as well as the level of expertise of leading people in the industry to stimulate intellectual debate on both sides of identified issues.   It is desired that the sharing of ideas among such thought leaders will help develop ways to strengthen and improve the patent system for the benefit of all participants in the patent system and the economy of the United States and globally.

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